Types of Conference Sessions

Pre-conference workshops

Delegates will have the option of attending specialist pre-conference workshops on different topics related to innovative clinical and community based interventions to support refugee trauma recovery and promote positive resettlement outcomes.

Plenary presentations

The conference will feature 3 plenary presentation sessions which will include keynote presentations by an international expert on refugee trauma, and 2 local speakers representing the work of torture and refugee trauma agencies and academia.

The opening plenary presentation will set the refugee context internationally and nationally, exploring forced displacement and its impact on policies and programs in high income Western countries providing protection and resettlement options to refugees.

The second plenary presentation at the end of the first day will explore the latest understandings of the impact of traumatic events in the context of war and other types of organised violence, and the challenges it provides for refugees attempting to learn a new language, find employment, learn a new system and find a sense of meaning and purpose in establishing themselves in a new society. Innovative and evidence based clinical interventions alongside trauma recovery strategies different agencies and services can employ will be explored.

The third plenary presentation, at the start of the second day, will focus on the importance of combining clinical and community based interventions in a complementary way to support refugee trauma recovery, build strong communities, and promote successful cultural transition and integration into society.

Oral paper presentations

Three oral paper presentation sessions, each with 7 concurrent themes, will feature as a part of the conference. Each theme will feature four oral paper presentations by delegates who were selected by an academic committee upon submission of an abstract (total 84 oral presentations).

Poster presentations

Delegates will be able to view posters showing the amazing work of many agencies assisting people recover from refugee trauma. There will be a one hour spot for delegates to ask questions to poster authors on the Thursday afternoon of the conference.

Expert panel discussions

Seven concurrent themed expert panel discussions will be held after lunch on day one of the conference. A chair person will give a short presentation to kick off the discussion and delegates will have the opportunity to raise questions and make comments to the panel and the audience.

Q&A panel discussion plenary

The conference will conclude with a special Q&A style panel discussion featuring a star line up of national and international experts, policy makers and consumers.