Sejla Murdoch

Photo Sejla Murdoch PortraitSejla is senior psychologist with 20 years of clinical experience working with trauma. Sejla has extensive experience in providing therapy to survivors of domestic violence and refugee trauma. Later in her work as STARTTS’s clinician trainer she was given an opportunity to gain her experience in organising seminars and clinical master classes as well as providing support and training to others clinicians. Since 2007 Sejla has assisted on development of the Neurofeedback (NF) Clinic at STARTTS; the first clinic in the world to provide such treatment to refugees survivors of torture and trauma. Sejla has presented nationally and internationally on topics related to Biofeedback and NF in work with trauma. Sejla is providing clinical supervision and mentoring program to number of STARTTS Neurofeedback counsellor. Her passion is in understanding how trauma impacts early development and how NF combined with other modalities can assist children and their families. Currently, together with the clinic’s management she is working on establishing a Neurofeedback clinic that specialises in work with early childhood and trauma at STARTTS. Sejla is BCIA-A accredited Neurofeedback provider.