Raphael Manirakiza

Photo Rafael Manirakiza Portrait

Raphael Manirakiza is a Clinical Psychologist with a Postgraduate Diploma in Human Rights and Conflict Resolution from the UNESCO Chair in Peace Education and Conflict Resolution, University of Burundi. He has worked previously in international, government and not-for-profit organisations, including on anti-corruption and HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment policy.

In his native country Burundi where he was a Spokesperson for the Party for National Restoration (PARENA) and General Secretary for the Burundian Basketball Federation (FEBABU), Raphael worked as Director General responsible for Programs co-ordination and relationships for the ministry against AIDS (2006-2010) and as health expert for the Belgian cooperation (2010-2013). In Sydney, Raphael Manirakiza is a researcher with Generation Alliance; a part-time lecturer and researcher with the Department of Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Sydney, working on projects relating to trauma healing, transitional justice and peace building in Burundi and with refugee communities in Australia. Raphael is also a Multicultural Support Worker for CMRC, a Presenter for Together for Humanity and Facilitator for the Families in Cultural Transition program;  a community activist, a member of the Great Lakes Agency for Peace and Development and a participant in the Reconnecting Communities project.