Priscilla Bul

Photo Priscilla Bul PortraitA little bit about myself. I am officially known by my Christian name Priscilla although prefer to be called by my traditional Dinka name, Kuer – meaning ‘the way’. It was given to me describing the events surrounding my birth as I was born on the journey between Sudan and Kenya. My family was on this trek to Kenya for safety as they fled during the Second Sudanese Civil War. It was in Kenya that I spent my early years in Kakuma Refugee Camp, before coming to Australia in 2003 through the ‘Women At Risk’ program. Growing up, I never really questioned my surroundings as I had the innocence of a child and thought it was the reality for everyone else. It has been through my growth and maturity that I have come to understand the abnormalities of my childhood and the consequences of the events that brought me to Australia. Through it all, I have developed a basic philosophy to make sense of the way I see the world we live in. That philosophy is that as human beings we each have the responsibility to help others that are in situations of which they cannot help themselves or don’t have the ability to do so. It was through the mercy of God and the kindness of others that my family and I are safe and well today. Today I am studying at the Australian National University in Canberra in hopes of arming myself with the knowledge and abilities to do what I can to help those facing the struggles of being a refugee.