Mikhail Kallon

Photo Mikhail Kallon PortraitMy name is Mikhail Kallon, the founder and Director of the Madiba Project Incorporated. I have worked for the past 10 years as a Community Liaison Officer and School Learning Support Officer for the Department of Education & Training in NSW. I work with three schools in Sydney’s West (Menai High School, Beverley Hills Intensive English Centre and Sir Joseph Banks High School) to enhance their standard of education and to ensure adequate resources and materials are available. Part of my role is in education relating to cultural understanding and integration of minority and refugee communities into Australian Culture. In particular I was part of the Refugee Camp in My School – Refugee Challenge project at Menai High School (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=utE0BDvxe-4).

Since the establishment of the Madiba Project, we have engaged with over fifty Australian Primary and High Schools through an empowerment project that allows students to gather educational supplies and to send them to children in Sierra Leone. On the 4th October 2016, a 40ft container left the shores of Australia with these supplies for Sierra Leone.  Myself and other members of the Madiba Project travelled to Sierra Leone in December to oversee the distribution of the educational materials to schools across the country and implementation of the overall plan.

The Madiba Project succeeded in getting the container out from Queen Elizabeth II Freetown on the 27th January 2017. Kenema City Council also played an instrumented role in providing storage facility. The Madiba Project transported the materials to Kenema City Council where the official symbolic presentation of educational materials to three schools took place. So far, the Madiba Project have distributed to twelve schools in Kenema and Kailahun district and Western area urban.