Mariano Coello

Photo Mariano Coello PortraitMariano is a clinical psychologist who has worked for over 20 years with migrants and refugee survivors of torture and organised violence. Since 1991 he has held several clinical positions at the NSW Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Survivors (STARTTS) where he is currently the Clinical Services and Research Coordinator. He is responsible for the quality and supervision of STARTTS’ clinical services which are provided across NSW. He has on different capacities conducted and participated in several successful projects on psychosocial and mental health issues affecting refugees. He has overseen the implementation of a computer assisted clinical assessment platform in a number of different languages that can be used with all clients, including those with low literacy skills. Mariano is currently involved in a number of national and international research projects related to best and innovative practice in refugee trauma treatment. He has represented STARTTS on many forums and conferences nationally and internationally, and is the co-author of a number of journal articles and book chapters on issues related to refugee trauma. He is currently the Secretary Elect of the International Society for Health and Human Rights.