Kim De Deckker

Photo Kim De Deckker PortraitKim De Deckker is a School Counsellor and Psychologist on the NSW Department of Education’s Refugee Student Support Team.  The team works to assist schools to provide comprehensive support for students of refugee background and their families.  She has a background in working with schools to promote resilience after trauma and natural disasters, including a project with the BOUNCE BACK program in the aftermath of the Victorian Black Saturday bushfires and with the Japan Foundation after the 2011 Japanese tsunami.  Kim was a 2014 recipient of the NSW Premier’s Anika Foundation Depression Awareness Scholarship, where she was funded to go on an international study tour, focusing on the best practice programs and research available on promoting growth and recovery after trauma in the classroom setting.  She delivers professional learning in this field regularly, supporting schools to engage in trauma informed education practices.