Dr Belinda Liddell

Photo Belinda Liddell PortraitDr Belinda Liddell is a Research Fellow in the School of Psychology, UNSW Australia and Neuroimaging Program Director at the Refugee Trauma and Recovery Program (RTRP). Her current research focuses on examining the neural mechanisms underlying refugee trauma including torture and other human rights violations. She is also undertaking several projects investigating cultural differences in PTSD and how person and place attachments influence emotional experiences, social processing and stress responses.

Belinda completed her PhD at the University of Sydney in the fields of affective and cognitive neuroscience. She has published over 30 scientific papers utilizing neuroimaging and psychophysiology methods to examine the mechanisms of emotion processing, including in clinical disorders like PTSD. She has also previously worked for the United Nations in Cambodia and directed a two year community mental health research project in Timor-Leste. Her current work synthesizes her multidisciplinary interests in neuroscience and psychological research, human rights, cross-cultural issues and policy translation.  Belinda was awarded a Churchill Fellowship in 2014 to undertake research around establishing translational channels for linking neuroimaging research with human rights policy and programming.