Dr Alison Strang

Photo Alison Strang PortraitDr Alison B Strang
Senior Research Fellow
Institute for Global Health and Development
Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh

Alison’s research concerns the mental health and wellbeing of those affected by conflict and disaster. With Alastair Ager, she developed the ‘Indicators of Integration’ framework following UK Home Office research exploring a wide range of theoretical, practice and grassroots perspectives. She works in both humanitarian and resettlement contexts and recent research has addressed refugee mental health and social isolation; social capital and the mapping of social connections; and new refugees’ integration pathways.  Alison has chaired the Scottish Government, local government and Scottish Refugee Council led strategy for refugee integration in Scotland since its inception in 2012. ‘New Scots: Integrating Refugees in Scotland’s Communities’, 2014 – 2017 which coordinates efforts in Scotland on an understanding of integration as, “… a two-way process that involves positive change in both the individuals and the host communities and which leads to cohesive, multi-cultural communities.” She is the co-founder of the ‘Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Network’ a global platform to improve mental health and psychosocial wellbeing in emergencies and situations of adversity by improving access to people, resources and knowledge (www.mhpss.net).

 Areas of interest

  • Psychosocial well-being in fragile environments
  • Refugee mental health and well being
  • Settlement, integration and social cohesion
  • Global Networking for local capacity building in mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS)