April Pearman

Photo April Pearman PortraitApril is a Psychologist who has worked with child and adult survivors of extreme violence for more than 20 years in Australia, the U.K. and Sierra Leone. Since 2002 she has worked exclusively with survivors of torture having worked with ASeTTS (Western Australia’s torture treatment rehabilitation service) and CVT (The Centre for Victims of Torture) Sierra Leone. Her work has focussed largely on the coordination and delivery of psychosocial mental health services to refugees/asylum seekers and in post-conflict communities. She is currently the Manager for Professional Standards & Research at ASeTTS in Western Australia. She has actively been involved in programme monitoring and evaluation and research for the last 15 years. She currently is involved in numerous research projects utilising a partnership approach with local universities and other Torture rehabilitation centres having a common interest. Her main research interest is broadly in the torture rehabilitation field enabling programme learning and sustainability to the sector.