Posters will be on display in the Plaza foyer, which is the venue for morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. There will also be a dedicated poster session at 12.30pm on Thursday where delegates are encouraged to meet the authors and discuss their work.


Conference Posters

The City I Belong.
Tharanga De Silva & Shirin Dabous – ASeTTS, Western Australia.


Find My Family: the search for missing migrants continues.
Nicole Batch & Katherine Wright – Australian Red Cross, Victoria.


Cottage Backyard Blitz.
Snezana Krstic & Zorica Dasic – Barwon Child Youth and Family, Victoria.


A Web-based Mental Health Screening Tool for Asylum Seekers and New Refugees: the e-STAR-MH
Dr Debbie Hocking – Cabrini Institute, Victoria.


Culture in Mind: Wrap around Recovery Model
Tania Schott – Culture in Mind Recovery Model, Queensland.


Stories of Women from Across the Seas.
Rose Brown & Pam Blamey – Ethnic Communities Council of Qld, Queensland.
Beengul Ali – Islamic Womens’s Association, Queensland.


“Nissa-Al Banafsage”(Ladies in Purple): Assyrian Chaldean Women’s Group in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne”.
Salam Dankha – Foundation House, Victoria.


Developing resources to support primary care providers working with people from refugee backgrounds in Australia.
Samantha Furneaux – Foundation House, Victoria.


Going digital: school’s in for refugees (SIFR) online program development.
Dr Gregory Gow & Briele Hansen – Foundation House, Victoria.


Student Perspectives: barriers and facilitators to the learning and well-being outcomes of students from refugee-backgrounds.
Jemma Wiseman – Foundation House, Victoria.


The POD Approach: a whole of team collective ethics project identifying principles for developing professionals who work with people from refugee backgrounds.
Conrad Aikin – Foundation House, Victoria.


Communities and Trauma: supporting recovery from collective trauma.
Dr Susannah Tipping, Deng Riak & Dina Korkees – Foundation House, Victoria.


Al Rafiya Al Seyiya program: healthy well-being program for newly arrived refugees from Iraq and Syria.
Giovanna Citta – Foundation House, Victoria.


Music Activities Improving Health Outcomes in People from Refugee and Migrant Backgrounds.
Prof Saras Henderson – Griffith University, Queensland.


Sydney Refugee Team: bringing hope to refugees in resettlement in Sydney.
Caroline Hochstetter – International Teams, Australia- Sydney Refugee Team.


Understanding change and loss and the refugee experience from a Seasons for Growth perspective.
Fiona Mccallum – Mackillop Family Services &  Good Grief, Victoria.
Nercy Pineda – STARTTS, New South Wales.


LEAP – Macquarie Mentoring (Refugee Mentoring) Program: peer to peer mentoring for high school Students from Refugee Backgrounds.
Sonal Singh – Macquarie University, New South Wales.


Co-location: integrating newly arrived Refugees and their health needs.
Nancy Weatherford – Mater Refugee Health Service, Queensland.


Mosaic: A therapeutic school-based group program for students from a refugee background who have experienced trauma.
Meredith O’Neill – NSW Department of Educaton, New South Wales.


Refugees living with a disability – challenging and shifting cultural values and beliefs.
Sandy Eagar & Mary Ruth Sheahan-Endries – NSW Refugee Health Service, New South Wales.


Mission Possible: Illawarra CALD water safety working party.
Catherine Campbell,  Allyson Pazos & Joanne Massey – Office Of Sport, New South Wales.


Assisting Recovery for Women from Refugee Backgrounds through Swimming.
Zainab Sakha – QPASTT, Queensland.


Mental Health, Associated Stigma and Help Seeking Behaviour among the Afghan Community in Australia.
Sanam Ahmadzada – Queensland Centre For Mental Health Research, Queensland.


Important Factors for Successful Transition and Adjustment of People from a Forced Migration Background in Australia.
Sara Parsafar – Queensland University of Technology, Queensland.


What do Refugee Background Mothers say about their Experience of the Positive Parenting Program (Triple P) Discussion Group series?
Areej Arif – RASNZ, Auckland, New Zealand.


A Framework for Working with Individuals with Refugee Backgrounds, Living in Sustained Displacement.
Dr Shraddha Kashyap – Refugee Trauma And Recovery Program, UNSW, New South Wales.
David Keegan – HOST International, New South Wales.


It’s like, what you give back; that’s why…I’m always very proud of myself, right: A refugee perspective on volunteering and employment in regional Australia.
Prof Wendy Hu & Dr Nina Wood – University Centre for Rural Health, Western Sydney University, New South Wales.


Refugee Communities In Cultural Transition, Cross Cultural Learning.
David Ajang – STARTTS, New South Wales.


Time to play: creating a safe place to play for a group of newly arrived primary school students of refugee background.
Rachelle Coe – STARTTS, New South Wales.
Kellie van Sebille – Refugee Student Support Counselling Team, NSW Department of Education, New South Wales.


Reflective and reflexive practice: Towards adaptive, multi-modal therapy for 0-5 year olds and caregivers recovering from trauma.
Naila Hassan & Rosemary Signorelli – STARTTS, New South Wales.


The Psychological and Social Trajectories of Refugees and Asylum Seekers Receiving Support from Specialist Torture and Trauma Counselling Services in Australia.
Dr Shakeh Momartin –  STARTTS, New South Wales.
Professor Zachary Steel – Trauma and Mental Health University New South Wales, New South Wales.


Resting State EEG in Refugee-Related Posttraumatic Stress Symptom Subtypes.
David Parker – STARTTS, New South Wales.


Understanding and Responding to the Differences between Neurodevelopmental Disabilities and Early Childhood Trauma in 0-6 year olds from Refugee Families.
Rosemary Signorelli – STARTTS, New South Wales.


Who is the Expert and When?
Rhett Mcdonald – STTARS, South Australia.


Organic Gardening for Trauma Recovery with Bhutanese Survivors of Torture.
Dr Teresa Puvimanasinghe, Mini Varghese & Dale Peterson – STTARS, South Australia.


Exploring Sociocultural Experiences and Expectations of Refugee Youth Studying in South Australia.
Dr Teresa Puvimanasinghe – STTARS, South Australia.
Associate Professor Tahereh Ziaian – University of South Australia, South Australia.


Tibetan Torture Survivor Program.
Tenzin Dolkar – Tibetan Voluntary Health Association, Dharamsala, India.


Factors Justifying the Human Development of Refugees in Cameroon in Care.
Florentine Ndeumen – Trauma Centre Cameroun, Yaoundé, Cameroun.


Challenges of Refugees’ Treatment from an Under-resourced Medical System: the Albanian reality.
Prof Gentian Vyshka – University Of Medicine In Tirana, Tirana, Albania.


No Alternative: self-harm in the onshore immigration detention network, by held detention type.
Kyli Hedrick – University Of Melbourne/Community-Minded Psychological Services, Victoria.


‘Hello but the People are not Listening’: an ecological approach to working with children with complex refugee-related trauma.
Cherie Lamb – University Of New England, Queensland.


“I have a roof, because they just cover me and build me up”- A case study of a Registered Nurse with a refugee background.
Harrison Ng Chok – Western Sydney University, New South Wales.


Yoga For The Free: the impact of health and well-being programs for refugees and people seeking asylum.
Elizabeth Ambrose – Yoga For The Free, Queensland.


The determinants of the mental health of detained asylum seekers.
Guy Coffey – Foundation House, Victoria.


Sporting Linx – Linking Leadership Potential.
Lina Ishu – STARTTS, New South Wales.


Engaging the Hazara Community in Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Promotion.
Mohammad Arif Nabizadah – STARTTS, New South Wales.